Diamond Gloves Advance Synthetic Stretch Vinyl Multi Purpose Powder Free, Cream Gloves (General Purpose) 100pcs/ BOX

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Product Overview

Diamond Gloves Advance Synthetic Vinyl Stretch, Powder Free


100 pcs per BOX (1 BOX) 





  • Made from High quality Synthetic Polyvinyl Chloride Paste Resin
  • Softer and more elastic than other vinyl gloves.
  • Powder free to reduce potential dust contamination.
  • 100% latex-free gloves eliminate allergic reaction to allergic protein.
  • Textured surface provides strong grip for wet and dry applications.
  • Superior puncture, tear and chemical resistance with excellent dexterity.
  • For laboratory procedures where use of powder free gloves are recommended.
  • Provides an alternative solution for individuals who are allergic to natural rubber latex.



  • Biocomaptibility tested or biocompatibility friendly.
  • Resists permeation by a widen range of chemicals as compared to synthetic vinyl of the same thickness.
  • Manufactured under QSR (GMP) and ISO 9001: 2001 Quality Management System.  


  • Used in: Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Food Sectors and Many More.
  • Type: Non-sterile, Powder-free
  • Material: 100% Synthetic Polyvinyl Cholride Paste Resin.
  • Shape: Ambidextrous
  • Beaded cuff
  • No latex additives
  • Glove sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large
  • For single use only
  • Color: Yellow
  • 100 gloves per box,

Synthetic Stretchy vinyl multi purpose powder free gloves (General). These vinyl gloves come in a white cream color and are fit, comfortable and effective. In storage avoid excessive heat (40°C, 104°F). Open Box should be shielded from exposure to direct sun or fluorescent lighting. Avoid exposure to excess ozone conditions.

Not intended for use as a general chemical barrier.

Storage Recommendations: Store at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat. Keep dry. Products should be shielded from direct sunlight.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review