Gloves are mandatory for surgery or any kind of medical purposes. Disposable gloves are widely used for safety purpose. It’s recommended by FDA and other health organizations to use gloves for safety and better performance. Gloves keep you away from virus, bacteria, bloodstain or any types of liquid material that can be harmful. We have different categories here. Such as Latex gloves, powdered and powder free gloves, nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves. These are applicable for food processing, restaurant, or for heavy duty work. If you are allergic to specific gloves then you may try our different types of gloves which will suit you right. Even our gloves are disposable, but it can be used more than once.

Best quality disposable latex and nitrile gloves you can get from our store at lowest price.

For Industries: Medical, Health, Auto Mechanics, Warehouse Safety, Clinic, Dentistry, Food Processing, Household, Gardening, Construction and others.

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