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  • Kitchen Perfect! Product Rating

    Posted by -Roderick Kuenzil on 2012

    My experience with gloves has so far been the best. I have been working in the food industry as long as I can remember and I know that proper handling of foods is very important. The brand I used before did not really click with me. It was kind of uncomfortable to work and I always expect it to tear up anytime. I have been using these gloves for quite some time now and never did I have any worries. It's not also easily punctured. Most importantly, I didn't have allergies which I have been suffering before.

    - Roderick Kuenzil

  • Highly Recommended! Product Rating

    Posted by -Adeline Ettinger on 2012

    I have been a clinic assistant for a long time now. We have been recently using this product and the doctor I've been working with was highly impressed with it. Working with it didn't hinder our dexterity which is very vital in examinations. It was indeed flexible and comfortable to use, even when I wear it for a quite a long time. Other than that it was also easy to wear and take off -a nice feature for saving time. It's quite cheaper than other products too!

    - Adeline Ettinger

  • Simply Amazing! Product Rating

    Posted by -Kylie Keys on 2012

    The gloves are good to be use all around. It is multipurpose, as a house maker I find these multipurpose gloves very useful in my everyday chores from food preparation to bathroom cleaning and many more. These gloves make my life easy and the same time enjoyable for I felt that my hands are secure in everything I do in the house. Another thing these gloves is easy to don and very comfortable and soft to wear. Furthermore, if to compare this brand form others with the same price range you will get more than you paid for.

    - Kylie Keys

  • The best Glove! Product Rating

    Posted by -Arnold Fitzhugh on 2012

    These disposable gloves are the best gloves I have yet to use in my whole life. In our laboratories, I often worry about the chemicals that I used and the effects on me. But I have to worry less now because it is thicker and more durable than the other brands. Though not completely, it has greater resistance to wider array of chemicals compared to the usual gloves used in laboratories. I would recommend this glove to every user. In terms of quality and durability this glove is really the best glove available in the market.

    - Arnold Fitzhugh

  • Comfortable and Soft! Product Rating

    Posted by -Danya Welch on 2012

    In my career as Orthodontic, I have never encountered any glove that is comfortable, soft and sensitive. It serves just like other gloves of high quality but it has advantage those others gloves do not have. I did not even have problems in donning the gloves because it is easy to wear and does not roll back. In my kind of work, this kind of glove is perfect.

    - Danya Welch

  • Perfect for Heavy Duty Work! Product Rating

    Posted by -Erwin Raff, Industrial Warehouse Manager on 2012

    Being a warehouse manager for a long time, I'm an expert in gloves. I've been working with gloves on ever since I can remember. The gloves I use really last long, but there was one time I got duped. It was also a black nitrile so I had second thoughts with this one. But it turned out better than I expected. It was heavy duty indeed, perfect for the kind of job I have. I even tell my workers to use it. They did not have allergic reaction either, unlike when they are using other brands. What's more is that it has greater puncture resistance than the latex ones.

    - Erwin Raff, Industrial Warehouse Manager

  • Superb latex multipurpose gloves! Product Rating

    Posted by -Joel on 2012

    These gloves help in dissipating electrostatic charges. They are also Powder free where contamination is a concern and contains no natural rubber proteins known to cause allergic reactions. These gloves are fitting for superior comfort and dexterity with textured fingertips for greater tactile sensitivity and grip on slippery surfaces or applications.

    - Joel

  • Awesome gloves for people with sensitive skin! Product Rating

    Posted by -Hanniel on 2012

    The Powder Free Nitrile Gloves are extremely puncture resistant and offer Great Tactile Strength. Powder-Free gloves as well provide a great manual dexterity to allow for a substitute for individuals who are sensitive to latex. These gloves render a tactile reflex finish for extra durability. Latex-free and powder-free gloves are good for people with sensitive skin.

    - Hanniel

Specialty Gloves

Speciality gloves are made for heavy duty and related works. We have nitrile and latex gloves for special works. Different sizes of gloves are available. All of our gloves are powder free. If you are allergic to powdered gloves then you may use our powder free special gloves. Also these gloves are usable in medical purpose. Feel free to explore our products.

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